We Are Currently Looking For A Few Good Men… or Women!
We Have A Membership To Fit Everyone.

Active Membership

If you want to be a firefighter then this is the membership for you. As an active member you can respond to emergencies and attend any company function. To be an active member you must be at least 18 years of age. Everyone is asked to complete a basic Firefighter I course within a year of joining (provided by the company). In addition any other training you may want will be provided.

Junior Membership

The junior membership is for high school students currently ages 16 – 18. Junior members answer calls under the supervision of active members. In addition you can attend all company functions and have the same training opportunities as active members.

Associate Membership

Maybe you don’t want to fight fire but you still would like to help support the fire company. As an associate member you can help with any company function as you have time. There are no requirements to be an associate member other than wanting to help the community in which you live.

If your interested in getting more information about becoming a member send us a message on Facebook or stop by the station and talk to any member.