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April 1, 2011, News Release

Today was a historic day for the Elkton Vol. Fire Company. For the first time since the founding of the company we will not be based out of the fire station on Terrace Ave. At 9:00AM on Friday, April 1, 2011, we moved our base of operations to our new headquarters located at 14,171 Spotswood Trail. This move is the realization of a dream long sought after by the membership.

Twenty-two active and associate members gathered this morning, many taking a vacation day from their normal jobs, to help with the move. In all it took about nine hours to get all the essential equipment and supplies moved from the Terrace Ave station to the Spotswood Trail headquarters. In addition members have spent countless hours at the facility over the past several months preparing for today.

This is just the first step in a multi step plan to move operations over to our new headquarters. Since we are still working on getting the facility ready for 24 hour crews to stay in over night we will be maintaining a presence at the Terrace Ave station. We felt that it was important to maintain the Terrace Ave station until such time that we can accommodate sleeping quarters and establish a membership base large enough to support a 24 hour in house duty crew program. The Terrace Ave station will allow for our large membership base that lives within the town limits to quickly get to the old fire station and provide the initial response to emergencies. Both locations will have trucks that are equipped to handle the initial response to any emergency.

As most people are probably aware of now the Terrace Ave fire station is actually owned by the Town of Elkton. We would like to thank the Town of Elkton along with the current and past town councils that have graciously allowed us the use of the fire station on Terrace Ave since it was built in the 1960's. As we move forward with our transition plan we will also be working on cleaning up portions of the Terrace Ave station and turning over half of that facility back to the Town for their use.

Finally we would like to thank the community for your support over the years. Just as we have served you from the Terrace Ave location for over 80 years we look forward to serving you from the new headquarters for another 80!

Sincerely The Membership of the Elkton Vol. Fire Co.


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